Calligraphy is a visual art of lettering. Letters are drawn using flat brushes or flat tip instruments. The dance of letters is thus born by cadences of thin and thick lines created by the movement of the nib smoothly on paper or any surface it may involve.I am a contemporary Calligraphy practitioner and have been creating letters which communicate an expression harmoniously, in a skilful manner, for 25+ years. In Modern Calligraphy the inscriptions and designs may range from formal writing to fine art pieces, wielding readable or non readable works


Beginners modern calligraphy

Our beginner’s workshop in modern calligraphy will teach you everything you need to know starting right at the basics. You will learn about the tools of calligraphy, basics and techniques, as well as the full alphabet cover. This is also to use for calligraphy Diwali Greetings, If you want to add that personal touch to your gift cards and tags. The price includes a beautiful take home kit including a nib and practice sheets so you can continue to write beautiful modern calligraphy.

New module starts 15th of every month starting September’16.

Maximum seats 6.

Ages 10+.

Fee: Rs.12,000/

Number of Sessions: 5.


We are happy to now offer our expertise on the subject to anyone around the world with our personalized coaching sessions!

  • Rs. 2,500/ for a one-on-one, hour & a half long, session .
  • We offer 1-hour sessions at $75 or a 2-hour session for $120 & your call will be scheduled for a mutually agreeable timeframe.

We operate over Skype, so please be sure that you create a Skype account once you have booked with us if you do not already have one.

Free Calligraphy Lessons